Brushing Your TeethTooth-brushing can seem a tedious and inconvenient task. As for twice-daily brushing, day in, day out, as recommended by dentists, that’s a big commitment to stick to. But in fact, it only takes a couple of minutes to brush your teeth, and the benefits are fantastic, so it’s well worth clicking into the habit. Here are five great reasons to keep brushing:

1. To Prevent Toothache

By keeping your teeth clean, you will minimize the risk of decay and associated toothache, which can be severe and debilitating. With strong, healthy teeth, you should need very little treatment, if any, saving yourself the discomfort of having them drilled and filled. There’s more good news on the pain front, too: tooth-brushing also helps prevent gum disease, mouth infections and other oral ailments.

2. To Save Money

Dental treatment tends to be expensive, so it pays to keep your teeth in good condition. While some problems may be unavoidable, such as trapped food or the disintegration of an old filling and resulting decay, most tooth rot can be avoided through regular and careful tooth-brushing. Every time you clean your teeth, therefore, you’re taking care of your money as well as your health.

3. To Freshen Up

It’s a great feeling to have clean teeth and a fresh, minty taste in your mouth. Some people brush their teeth just for that pleasing sensation, and if you’re one of them, you can add to your pleasure by remembering that your teeth and gums are benefiting, too. Brushing your teeth when you get up in the morning will help you gear up for the day ahead, and brushing them at bedtime will refresh and relax you at the end of your day.

4. To Enable a Sparkling Smile

When your teeth are clean and gleaming, you can smile with confidence. Incidentally, teeth don’t have to be pure white to be clean and healthy, so don’t worry if your enamel is naturally more of a creamy, off-white hue. With fresh, minty breath, you can also chat, laugh, sing and shout with those around you, without emitting any whiff of your day’s food or drink intake. In other words, every time you brush your teeth, you’re doing your social life a favor.

5. To Inspire a Positive Mindset

A positive approach to tooth-care, and the rewards you reap, will make you feel good about yourself, and that’s a great starting point for a happy, fulfilling life. The sheer ability to keep up the brushing habit will boost your sense of control, and the knock-on benefits for your health, looks and finances will ultimately fire your zest for life. Take pride in your commitment, investing in good toothpaste and replacing your brush at the first sign of wearing. Allow time to brush every surface of every tooth, sweeping down from the upper gums and up from the lower ones. The care you take will add into that special, good feel, too.

With your toothbrush and paste always at the ready, you’ll soon click into the habit of twice-daily brushing. What’s more, you’ll be setting a good example for your family, friends and colleagues, and everyone who knows you – inspiring the world as you brush.